If you want to donate to UTSF to help us bring more quality fansubs to the fans, click here:

Donate here.

All money we recieve from donations are used on DVD boxsets, Equipment (lol), webhosting and the likes.
You donate at your own free will. You don’t pay us for the episode quicker. We don’t do this as a professional job, and we don’t use any of the donations outside the fansubs. If you tell us you’ve donated, we’ll write you up in this list with the amount you donate, and a “Donator” status at the forum if you’re registered.

List of Donators:
Javilink 15$

2 Responses to Donate

  1. tempest0 says:

    wow thanks Javi!

  2. fdein says:

    donators get a cookie.

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