One Piece 419 – The Friends’ Whereabouts – An Island of Giant birds and Pink Paradise



SD: V2 Use this, do not use v1
Torrent: Nyaa

Torrent: Nyaa

Torrent: Nyaa

Torrent: soon
DDL: soon

Sorry for latish release, there might be an SD v2. HD and FHD as soon as a good raw comes out. Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚ be sure to say thanks

92 Responses to One Piece 419 – The Friends’ Whereabouts – An Island of Giant birds and Pink Paradise

  1. Justin Lue says:

    Waiting for HD to be released

  2. danshop says:

    sweet and super fast as always! thanks a lot! Good JoB!

  3. Shadow says:

    Thanks guys! that was fast!
    I will wait for the HD release ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. flexium says:

    YAY!!! HD HD HD!!

  5. afaQ says:

    Arigato guys ๐Ÿ˜€
    waiting for the SD torrent :$

  6. z says:

    Great Job! Waiting for HD!!

  7. brandon says:

    fine……. torrent……….. is up :/

  8. MethoD says:

    Thanks for the sub! I’ll wait for the HD release…

  9. vanblitz says:

    Mirror sites please!!
    aside from Rapidshare and Megaupload…
    Im having a hard time downloading in those sites…
    It would be appreciated…please!

  10. Auricom says:

    Yays! The highlight of the week! Although I’ll hold back for HD.
    Please keep up the good work!

  11. cookie says:

    โค thanks heaps!

  12. brandon says:

    thankies…… ill put it up :/

    I’ll make more later I’m kinda busy right now, I really appreciate it !

  13. Helifa says:

    thanks UTSF, can anyone upload to mediafire thanks!

  14. Jimmy says:

    Hahaha, awesome episode, and awesome choice of picture, imma get that as a wallpaper when the 720p version comes. ๐Ÿ˜›

  15. GipZ says:

    :)) waiting 4 HD! one piece is so awesome =]

    Best wishes 4 UTSF =]

    sorry 4 my english im just too exited ๐Ÿ˜€

  16. Delarim says:

    Awesome as always, thanks.

  17. Vegapunk says:

    hmmm sumthing wrong with the file? 7 sec oni

  18. urlfw says:

    fake! dont download!

  19. julos says:

    Thanks again ๐Ÿ˜€ Waiting for the HD version. ;D

  20. Desuism says:

    Awesome work for the SD release :3 Waiting for HD to come! Also, almost epic parts in this ep.

  21. V says:

    uhh,.. where is the HD?

  22. MAXAM says:

    what about 420 preview??!!

  23. efrc says:

    7 SECONDS only????

  24. MAXAM says:

    quote: (7 SECONDS only????)
    but still part of episode

  25. Dist says:

    Thanks for the release :).

    You’re late tho, I really wanted to watch this yesterday >.<.

  26. boody says:

    thx really fast ๐Ÿ˜€ waiting for HD

  27. yurified says:

    Cant wait for your FHD version.

    FHD version makes my nose bleed when i watch it on my ps3! Hancock is uber ravishing on FHD, while Nami taking shower from the previous ep, made my heart stop beating.

    FHD > HD > SD
    so FHD ftw.

    the raw for the FHD, is it from ts format?
    good job fdein, keep it coming.
    Will absolutely be using your encode for my collection. <3ing it.

    • fdein says:

      yeah, we started using .ts (transport streams) for our HD and FHD ๐Ÿ˜€
      truley, FHD does look awesome on an HD screen :3
      I’ll try to make it quick ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • VOD says:

      How you did to watch FHD on ps3. I only have the sound and no picture.

      • yurified says:

        i am using ‘ps3 media server’ to stream all my media from my pc to my ps3. everything will be transcoded on the fly. just google ‘ps3 media server’.

        Tutorial will be on the official forum, hopefully you get the idea.

        Thanks again to fdein for the hardwork.

      • Tempest0 says:

        FYI if you don’t want to buy a media server, your (probably already installed) standard Windows Media Player counts as a media server and works fine.

  28. dogiii says:

    Great sub…thnx again guys…

  29. can't wait says:

    big thx… can’t wait for the fhd…

  30. Naala says:

    I guess I’ll satisfy with SD for now and watch HD later, thanks so much guys!!!

  31. MajorMedic says:

    So is FHD only meant for tvs?

  32. Penner says:

    FHD 1080p is amazing, totally worth the wait.

    Also, keep up the awesome job guys โค

  33. Luffy says:

    Thanks for the subs, you guys make my week every week.

  34. anamayki says:


  35. superdemon says:

    Was the FHD version of 418 made compatible with the ps3 because when I tried to play it I still got sound but no picture.

  36. Khris says:

    fast, as always, will be watching the SD on my PC, and the FHD on the PS3.. good job guys… i hope you will sub fairy tail as well ๐Ÿ˜‰

  37. JWkaiser says:


  38. Peet From HUN says:

    Ha azon mรบlik elล‘re megkรถszรถnรถm a FHD-t
    Meg a tรถbbit is

  39. masterscar says:

    THX will wait for the FHD release :p

  40. nowak says:

    Thx!! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    ill wait for FH<3

  41. natsume says:

    thx guys you are the best as always

  42. Ahmed says:

    thank you very much for the great work
    waiting for the HD ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. peyre says:

    it’s amazing! you are so fast and this time there’s an rapidshare upload right from the begining!

    so great, thank you!

  44. naruto says:

    and it’s Tuesday now… eh f it.. already watched this 4 times.

  45. ern3sto says:

    thanks… lol xD

  46. can't wait says:

    hey guys whats going on? u are gettig late since the last two releases. problem to get a good raw or just technical problems?

    • Wesley says:

      Probably problem with raw. They already got everything translated and timed, shouldn’t be hard once a good raw gets out. One Piece is known to have some problems with good raws from time to time.

  47. Havox says:

    Awesome guys. Thanks!

  48. jongski08 says:

    Thanks for subbing this wonderful episode….. hehehe… Sanji is in hell… oh i should say like in hell….lol… Hope HD will come out soon.

  49. Virgil Leone says:

    thanks waiting for hd

  50. TheVictimizer says:

    Thank you very much .

    I haven’t watched it till now , waiting for the HD release .

  51. SlaughterChichi says:

    Please release a v2 of the avi. No matter what program I open it in, it’s only 7 seconds long. I know someone said that it works in vlc, but I don’t fancy downloading a new player just to watch this one episode…

    • VLC says:

      SlaughterChichi: I really recommend VLC, i’ve used it for years and i haven’t found any video that doesn’t play in vlc!

      • Kenta says:

        .Mkv files with chapters dont play properly in vlc. MPC rocks.

        also thankyou to you guys for the great releases each week. Loving the FHD โค

      • IchigoMait says:

        and I have watched lot’s of videos with different types of formats and with different codecs on my windows media player 11 it’s less cpu/gpu demanding than VLC with Direct3D and WMP has some audio quality boost with srs wow and truebass + my srs audio sandbox boost

  52. Shinii says:

    SlaughterChiChi sounds like you’ve had a problem with downloading the file. Theres no way any kind of player will limit the file to 7 seconds. All the player does is play w/e you have asked it to providing you have the correct codecs installed etc. So something got screwed up with your download.

    VLC although VLc has improved and very much so recently it still contains internal codecs in the player which isn’t what i desire but for an on the move player its good.

    For playback problems install CCCP codec pack as that contains the best (fastest) up to date free codecs around the web. Also for slower computers which have trouble with video lag for H.264 i suggest CoreAVC as thats the fastest H.264 decoder around. Although you need to pay for it unless you have other means of getting a copy. wink wink.

  53. SadPanda says:

    Whats taking the hd release so long, ur making me a sad panda

  54. nevS says:

    I can’t wait much longer, still waiting for Full HD release ๐Ÿ™‚

  55. fdein says:

    HD soon @_@ I hope my encoder appears for FHD

  56. cookie says:

    thaaaaaaanks for the HD..
    will be seeding..

  57. Naala says:

    WOW, I thought it will never come but here it is, thanks for the HD!

  58. News Haven says:

    to all of you who have trouble playing all these HD

    get KMPlayer
    install Haali Media Splitter and then CoreAvc and also AC3 filter

    you need to setup KMPlayer to use CoreAVC while running H.264 files
    best codec for HD IMO

    you can play up till 1080p
    i’ve tested with Pentium 4

    btw, im using CoreAVC Professional
    maybe not the latest but it’s enough
    anyone who wants links to it i can provide
    just let me know

  59. Cash says:

    Thanx For HD!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  60. HappyPanda says:

    Thanks so much for the hd

  61. Penner says:

    FHD go, FHD go! ;D

  62. superdemon says:

    On the ps3 I get video but no sound with the HD Version of 419. Does anyone else have this problem?

  63. refinder says:

    the timing for the subs is off in the HD version…

  64. jongski08 says:

    wow…. HD is up now… thanks fro this…. i’m downloading it now. ):

  65. Silas says:

    Hey thanks. And yes, the timing of the subs in the HD version is a little earlier… =/

    I’ll wait for a new release and the awesome FHD.

  66. Silas says:

    I just watched, the subs on the preview of the next episode are missing too. =/

  67. Hmm says:

    You know, I don’t really want to complain since you sub it fast and all, but I think this release had far more typos than the previous ones.

    The main typos being with starting sentence with a lowercase character or I = i. .. Well I guess these things don’t bother most but somehow it’s kinda annoying for me.

    I hope the next episode will return to the quality of the previous ones D:.

  68. The timing on the 720p release was shocking

  69. Penner says:

    We’re almost at the next ep and still no fhd, fuck that, im getting the 720p now :p

  70. News Haven says:

    i’ve been waiting FHD for a week and it’s not out
    and the new episode is coming out tomorrow.

  71. alone says:

    well, nice job but i really miss FHD

  72. MeRenWen says:

    thk mak mak kub

  73. Sanji54 says:

    Tq guys…~! I’m crazy with this anime…. Hope u guys always in good shapes n helping peoples like us…. Onegai-shimasu~! It’s so hard for me to get this anime… >_<" Thx again….~!

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