One Piece 417 – Love is a Hurricane! Love-Love Hancock!

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torrent: Nyaa
DDL: MU | ShareX | USAupload | RS | Deposit | HF | l FF l SS l


Torrent: Nyaa
DDL: usaUL | Zshare | MU | sharex l l HF l DF l RS 1 – 2


Torrent: Nyaa
DDL: MU l Zshare l RS 1 – 2 – 3 l HF 1 – 2 – 3

If you’re having playback issues install CCCP. join rapidshare files with HJsplit.
If you’re a RAW capper, contact us(fdein >:3)



103 Responses to One Piece 417 – Love is a Hurricane! Love-Love Hancock!

  1. leztr says:

    Really impressed, might even donate!

  2. itsme says:

    THnx :))))))))

  3. nhs says:

    I love you 🙂

  4. cookie says:


  5. AVESASUKE says:

    when the hd version will be released??
    hurry …hahaha:)

  6. Justin Lue says:

    The serpent princess-sama in episode 417 is not more beautiful than I thought.

    Still waiting for the HD version.

  7. Silas says:

    Waiting for the HD and FHD. Thanks. =D

  8. Colecionador says:

    No good raws and no ts yet.. i guess it will take at least 1 day D:

  9. boody says:

    will the FHD and HD version come out at the same time?

  10. CXu says:

    Torrent and DDL mirrors added.
    No idea why no torrent where made :/
    Anyone with the DDL file, SEED!

  11. rebel says:

    will you upload on

  12. jongski says:

    Guys, thanks for this wonderful episode. I can’t wait to see where are the whereabouts of the other crew members. thanks again for your great subbing of one piece episodes. 😉

  13. Frank says:

    Thanks for another sub! Waiting patiently for the HD version ^^

  14. mr_prince says:

    thanks for everthing you’ve done utsf

  15. TnT says:

    Thanks for Another sub 😀 Waiting for the FHD version

  16. fdein says:

    HD and FHD soon \o/

  17. avesasuke says:

    how soon can u tell the time..
    damn i really cant wait 4 the fhd..!!

  18. telvam says:

    fdein could u please tell us the approximate time

    waiting since saturday night for HD and FHD

  19. subbylubyoulongtime says:

    Telvam, the show does not air until sunday in japan, it takes the rippers some time to get the .ts file out onto perfect dark or share. Not sure what one they are using for the .ts gab. After they get it, takes about 2-4 hours editing on the .ts this is including the first encode time. Then another 1-2 hours encoding the video. They will probably shrink that .ts down to the 720 and encode this also. Meaning we are looking at say 10-12 hours from time they grabbed the .ts to the time it is on the net.

  20. z says:

    Thnks for the info subbylubyoulongtime. Waiting for HD version. Keep up the good work! 😀

  21. avesasuke says:

    did u get the ts copy? already?

  22. Julos says:

    Nice !! 😀 Still waiting on the HD! Really nice that you guys are so fast with subbing. =D

  23. telvam says:

    thank u Subbylubyoulongtime for the valuable info

    fdein keep up the good work

    waiting for the HD

  24. dimomarg says:

    why is this taking longer then usual?

  25. fdein says:

    Oh come on it’s still not that late, it’s been like a day and a half from raw airing. We spoil you too much :p

  26. Yume says:

    true that 😛
    is nice though ^^

  27. avesasuke says:

    do u guys have technical prob that causing this delay?/

  28. darthysis says:

    Big thanks yet again! *waiting for HD* x>

  29. butthe4d says:

    nice, cant wit for Hd thanks

  30. Yume says:

    have an estimate for HD/FHD ?

    • CXu says:

      I love estimates. We put something up, everyone gets OMG NUUU TOO LONG D: or something, then something happens in the progress and we get delayed and people start “OMG YOU SHUCKZ D:”

  31. Yume says:

    a simple “no” would also be acceptable

  32. Gyulababa says:

    I will never forget OnePiece, and u guyz also “responsible” for that. Thank you is the least i can say.

    as for myself, if i can bear not to read the manga, i can wait all the time for the hd 😀

  33. Naruto-kun says:

    We will sub One Piece! Please visit instead to download One piece subs!

  34. can't wait says:

    isn’t the hd out cause u havn’t got a raw or what is the problem?

  35. fdein says:

    our encoder dissappeared :l

  36. boody says:

    will it be out by tommorow?

  37. loveYA says:

    Can’t wait for the fullhd and THANK YOU for the work even though it’s a bit late but at least somebody is doing it and you do it well!! just had to say this 😉

  38. Colecionador says:

    Lemme try to explain this to you guys…
    We are now encoding the HD from .TS, and the FHD too.

    The .TS have about 3.3gb, and it could take more than 12 hours to be uploaded to some japanese p2p. After someone upload the .ts to p2p, we have to download it in our server. This can take from 3 to 10 hours. These days its taking about 3~4 hours. After this, I download from the server and edit it, cutting off the ads, this process takes about 2 more hours.

    So, after this step I send the .avs and cut infos to my server (Intel core2quad q8400) and I start the ‘work-raw’ encode. This is a 80mb SD raw, only used to sync the script and karaoke, and maybe something more (it depends D:). This encode takes about TWO HOURS PER PASS (so, 4 hours to do a work raw).

    We must not forget that I work here and I have my own brazillian fansub, and my sites,, etc; so I try to do the same job to UTSF and PUNCH at same time. Beleave me,this is very stressing. Let’s not forget that I have to sleep, eat, to go college, etc, too.

    Ok, work raw done, scripts edited; let’s encode the HD. 2~3 hours per pass.
    HD done, let’s encode the FHD. 4~5 hours per pass.

    Now do the math.

    So yeah, sorry if I don’t own an entire datacenter to encode animes and sorry if I can’t ignore all the math and just release the HD by magic.

  39. PREDATOR_Q8 says:

    hi guys,,
    thank you for this great episode
    but im wondering if have the sub file alone so i can download it to watch the RAW hd im downloading
    thanks again

  40. lee yeo says:

    i like every episode ……. i can’t wait to watch the next…………

  41. Delarim says:

    Much love for the good work guys. Thanks.

  42. dimomarg says:

    when do you guys think the HD will be out?

  43. shifty says:

    maybe there won’t be any hd or fhd. maybe this took them so long that they canceld the encoding and gave up. but please tell us if there won’t be any hd.

  44. Colecionador says:

    Encoding, encoding…

    Anyone here read what I said before? ._.

  45. Yume says:

    thank you for all your hard work 🙂

  46. Wrath says:

    I read what you said and I can’t wait for it!

  47. Alex says:

    gogo! you guys are the best

  48. fdein says:

    720p soon 😀

  49. Sol says:

    Why aren’t there subs for the first 7mins of the episode

  50. fdein says:

    ignore 1080p

  51. Sol says:

    The one am having trouble with is the 1080p an i use the cccp

  52. fdein says:

    Ignore the 1080p, there was errors.

  53. Colecionador says:

    Oh boy…

  54. Majinaang says:


    [video src="" /]

  55. rebel says:

    wont you upload on mediafire ever?

    • jimwhat says:

      Well, the max upload size on a free mediafire account is only 100 MBs. Our smallest video (SD) is about 170 MBs. It’s easier to just upload it once. Splitting it up and uploading 2 files would just take more time. Plus we only upload it about 2 sites. The fans upload it to the other sites.

  56. Juragan Bicky says:

    UTSF HD 720 Mirror :

    [video src="" /]

  57. crow22 says:

    does anyone have rapidshare link for HD?

  58. Naala says:

    Thanks so much guys!!!

  59. zhen says:

    Did the UTSF guys fixed the incompatibility of their mp4 version for PS3 ?
    I really wanna know guys.

  60. fdein says:

    We havent done anything yet. We’re trying to see what makes it compatible.

  61. Trickster says:

    Will there be a re-release of the 1080p version?

  62. Colecionador says:

    1080p reencoded. Uploading now…
    It seems to be fixed now. :3

  63. fdein says:

    @ colen
    osom, will try now

  64. Silas says:

    Thanks, FHD is all right. In the end of the eye catch you wrote One Peice instead of One Piece, but that’s a minor detail. XD

  65. addictedx says:

    @ Fdein Welcome Bro

  66. i cant w8 till the 418 comes plsssssss make it fast i want to see it!!!

  67. Snake-87 says:

    Hi , good work and think you .
    i have proplem with the video when i put it on my ps3 no pic just sound and black screen .
    can you solve this please ?

  68. IchigoMait says:

    your photobucket bandwith exeeded again you shoulda use imagehack maybe.

  69. Kane says:

    Just saw that SD-torrent of 418 is up since ~10 mins at nyaa 😉

  70. Philip says:

    My computer cant seem to play the FHD formatted video, can anyone help? It says the “media file is not recognized”, “unknown file format”, “unsupported file format”, etc… I tried VLC media player, and a bunch of other types of media players. How can I play this on my computer!!

  71. Luffy55 says:

    Said I would like to download a raw full HD which knows or I could download there

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