One Piece 416 – Saving Ace! The Next Stop: the Great Prison!




torrent: Nyaa
DDL: MU|usaUL|RS l l HF l DF l


Torrent: Nyaa
DDL: ShareX|MU|usaUL l l HF l DF l RS 1 – 2 l FF l l l Zshare l SS


Torrent: Nyaatorrents
DDL: MU l Zshare l l RS 1 -2 -3

If you’re having playback issues install CCCP. join rapidshare files with HJsplit.
If you’re a RAW capper, contact us(fdein >:3)


92 Responses to One Piece 416 – Saving Ace! The Next Stop: the Great Prison!

  1. dimomarg says:

    no hd? 😦

  2. CXu says:

    “as well as our encoder being sick ;-;”

  3. nick says:

    what late release?
    you are still the first to release so …. thanks!!

  4. Justin Lue says:

    i am waiting for HD. ^_^


  5. z says:

    me too.. Ill wait for the HD! 😀

  6. crow22 says:

    thank u..u r great..

  7. ochep_fushigina says:

    Finally the OP eps 416…
    Better late than never..
    Keep up the great work guys…

  8. Food says:

    Thanx u guys r the best. Been watching this for years n I hate it when other subgroups translate it to “Navy” instead of “Marines”. U translate the way I like so thanks again!!

  9. cookie says:

    hey thaaaaaaaaaaanks ^_^
    waiting for the HD
    great job UTSF!

  10. Mad Scientist says:

    Woot! No worries your release is great!

  11. fdein says:

    Again, sorry everyone m(_ _)m

  12. IchigoMait says:

    muhaha I Already saw HD(720p) release.

  13. fdein says:

    there are no HD releases :p
    anyways our HD is in 3 hours

  14. cookie says:

    arigatooou ❤

  15. a.m.m.a says:

    last episode quality was terrible for the HD encode.
    Hope it’s not the same this time.

  16. fdein says:

    nah not really, We’re doing a FHD version after HD, if anyone wants to try that.

  17. cookie says:

    nah HD is good enough for meh ^_^

  18. IchigoMait says:

    only one fansub has done some episodes of one piece FHD that was nakama fansubs.
    either way your the fastest fansubber out now,but the quality could be better, and I know what I’m talking about if I have all the One Piece episodes 1-416 & Movies 1-9(all of it 103GB).(from ADZ-Elites, Kaizoku-F, VegaPunk, Nakama, Instantz & Yibis. last one is the best quality first one is you know “ok”.)

    • Silas says:

      I have half of all the episodes saved on DVD and half on the computer. I am thinking of buying an external HD to save them. 😛

  19. fdein says:

    Kaizoku-fansubs definately has the best quality. If you’re talking about the video quality then yes, we could increase the filesize.

  20. fdein says:

    Anyways HD is uploading

  21. zeroethics says:

    im waiting
    i wanna try the FHD
    i just wan quality

  22. Alex says:

    Awesome thanks alot, very good fansub

  23. Majinaang says:

    HD, Link:

    [video src="" /]

    And thanks for this!

  24. Coldinfection says:

    Help XD. I downloaded the HD version but it says the file cannot be opened. BTW im using divx player for watching hd.

  25. Derya says:

    Guys I can’t open your 720p version with cccp or CoreAVC. IT only works with VLC. I also had this issue with your previous release, but not with 414. Did you change your codecs or your encode program ?
    Well anyway thanks for the release I’ll watch it with VLC.

  26. fdein says:

    Download CCCP if you have playback issues and install it.
    it plays EVERYTHING!

  27. Coldinfection says:

    Hmm it works with vlc like Derya said. I’ll try cccp later since you say it plays everything :D. Thanks for the subs and download mirrors 😀

  28. fdein says:

    VLC is kinda laggy sometimes

  29. Coldinfection says:

    Only tried it once so i dunno. but yeah i’ll get cccp 😀

  30. Derya says:

    Hmm I reseted the settings for cccp and now it does work :s guess something was wrong

  31. Naala says:

    Thanks for the episode, last one was so good I could hardly wait for this one!!!
    Regarding FHD, I would like to see that one too. And again, thanks for your hard work 😀

  32. zubatapotvora says:

    The HD file uploaded on MU is corrupt, there’s less then half of episode only.

  33. zubatapotvora says:

    Taking back, corrupt is my player. 😦

  34. mr_prince says:

    thanks for who gibving links. I havent torrents..
    big thanks for un-tan subbing are the gorgeous

  35. rebel says:

    if ı want hd episodes upload to,then do ı want lots of things

  36. fdein says:

    one mediafire coming up!

  37. erick says:

    yahei luffy worry about his brother ace he gonna save his brother no matter what happen but honcock gets sicks.I can’t wait for the next episodes 417.

  38. Meh says:

    How come is there HD release on Nyaatorrents under your name, but not here ? I usually check this site only for releases so I nearly missed that HD release there..

    Thanks anyway.

  39. Silas says:

    So is the FHD coming soon? Thanks. ^^

  40. fdein says:

    FHD should be soon I’m poking my encoder, might be dead though D:<

  41. Meh says:

    Yes.. very blind xD. Dont even ask how I thought there was no HD <<.

  42. fdein says:

    FHD is in 2 hours

  43. Silas says:

    Yay 😀

    I was overexcited, didn’t notice I don’t have that much definition! 😮

    Lol. I think I will keep them for the future. 😛

  44. Somebody says:

    You should make a better 720p one instead.

  45. Colecionador says:

    The FHD was done using the .ts
    The 720p is using PD/TokyoTosho raws.

    You all come here all sundays “WHERE IS HD OMG HD IS LATE WAA”, so we use a lame raw and.. “OMFG EYECANCER”… ._.

  46. fdein says:

    btw. i really got eyecancer from this 1080p release… a 24min long 1080p release should at least have about 1GB filesize to maintain the quality! your 1080p release have about the half filesize, which means it’s definitely crap! Keep the filesize of the 720p release, and spare us with this shitty 1080p. You can still decimate the quality of the 480p release for the cheapskates out there.

  47. Colecionador says:

    go to yibis

  48. yodwag says:

    I like cake.

  49. Anamayki says:

    Arigatou again…

  50. jimwhat says:

    The FHD looks much better on my tv than the HD. Thanks guys LD.

  51. cuki says:

    first of all thnx guys for the fast and great work…
    second i guess im one of the eldest browser’s here(just a guess Im 25 yrs old) but watching and waiting every week for an one piece episode feels like being a kid again waiting for his parents to come home from a trip and bringing him a chocolate…the storyline of one piece is definitely a masterpiece the fights and music…well enough of this…I just felt i needed to write something down for once…anyways thnx for the subbing guys keep it up like this!
    You have my gratitude!

  52. netguy says:

    i am 33 year old waiting every sunday

  53. fdein says:

    I’m 14 leading a subgroup 😀

  54. rebel says:

    could you upload it on mediafire(the hd one if possible)

  55. rotolo says:

    could you guys upload your subtitle file as well?

  56. superdemon says:

    When I try to play FHD on my PS3 I get audio but no video. Did this happen to anyone else?

  57. Kaizoku Luffy says:

    Good morning, I would like to know where you find RAW of FHD 1080p please !

  58. Kaizoku Luffy says:

    So possible credit the site where you have download RAW

  59. nhs says:

    Don’t cut me out of your awesomeness!
    love you guys

  60. Feruken says:

    Thanks a ton.

  61. ShinsenZero says:

    LOL!!! Luffy from Kaizoku fansubs is trying to get the raw. That little kid still fansubs?

  62. Luffy55 says:

    Good morning she would be to know where they can found by raw FULL HD as you?

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